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Lead-time and speed to market can make or break a company's ability to win a new program. Brillcast understands that and can take you from "art to part" better than anyone else in the business. Our engineers are involved at the earliest possible stage of product design so that they can have the necessary input that will help you achieve your goals in the most efficient manner. Brillcast will manage your project from start to finish.

From the initial customer meeting to consistent production delivery, we supervise every step of the process to ensure customer satisfaction. We'll work with you on your initial concept until we've helped you design the most efficient die cast part possible. Then we'll execute every step of the part's production. From something as simple as a napkin sketch, Brillcast can create 3D data and from that data create several different types of prototypes in as little as 24 hours. Whether you simply need something to touch and feel or you need die casting parts to perform testing, Brillcast can offer you the rapid prototyping option that fits your needs.

Our in-house design team meets with each and every customer to discuss the specific needs of the customer and the proposed function of each piece. The team then runs an extensive feasibility study to examine the sketches and models to ensure the die cast part is being produced at the most cost-effective and efficient fashion. After production is complete, Brillcast supervises delivery to any location in the world. We take pride in meeting our delivery schedules to ensure you have the die cast parts when and where you need them.

Brillcast specializes in manufacturing the highest quality decorative parts. We also manufacture functional parts, but we are especially skilled at creating beautiful parts with decorative finishes.

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