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Engineering Software - Die Casting Modeling Utilizing DCPM, Solidworks & AutoCAD

Brillcast's engineers utilize a proprietary DCPM software package to model the performance of the die casting process. DCPM stands for Die Cast Process Monitoring; it gathers real-time information and allows us to easily troubleshoot machines and track the performance and efficiency of our plant. This software was custom created right at Brillcast to closely track all the relevant characteristics of the machines we use to maximize efficiency and performance.

Our manufacturing technicians are able to use this software to continuously monitor the critical process parameters during production and compare them with optimum performance. The software is connected to the machines and monitors 48 different process variables, such as velocity, temperature, tolerances, shots per hour, cycle time and all kinds of other process settings that determine efficiency and performance. DCPM allows Brillcast to constantly monitor and implement extraordinary quality checks, something that many die casters cannot do. We store real-time data from these machines for 2 years which gives us an amazing amount of data to track and analyze progress. This enables Brillcast to reduce variation in manufacturing and assure our customers consistent die casting product quality.

Brillcast currently has 6 different individuals who are either experts or in the process of becoming experts in using the DCPM software. They use the data gathered from these machines to generate and track statistics which we can turn around and use to identify areas for improvement. DCPM can also help with safety; because it’s a visual color-based program, it’s very easy to tell when something is going wrong with a machine and therefore stop it before something goes wrong.

Utilizing Solidworks and KeyCreator, Brillcast can work with virtually any 3-D file format. SolidWorks is a program which allows engineers to evaluate a 3-D model of a customer part and examine it. It’s a powerful program which also has the capability to modify a the model to adjust for changes in design. 3D CAD software delivers powerful design functionality with an intuitive user interface to speed the design process in order to make us instantly productive.

KeyCreator is an older program which essentially does the same thing as Solidworks except for it’s not as powerful. While KeyCreator isn’t as useful in new projects, it’s still useful to have because it’s compatible with older data that hasn’t been updated to a newer file version.

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