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Brillcast is a Michigan die cast company and has always been a good neighbor, both environmentally and socially


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Social Responsibility

Our Die Cast Company is Socially Responsible in the Grand Rapids, Michigan Community

Brillcast is a Michigan die cast company and has always been a good neighbor, both environmentally and socially. The die cast company is involved in the community and generously donates to area and national causes and outreach programs such as:

Michigan Blood

The die cast company has touched the lives of many in the Grand Rapids, Michigan area as well as those thousands of miles away. Brillcast management and employees truly believe in giving back to the community.

Zinc itself is one of the more environmentally friendly metals to cast. 40% of the zinc consumed worldwide comes from recycled or secondary zinc and this number is increasing every year. Zinc is also environmentally friendly because it takes significantly less energy to melt down than competing metals such as aluminum. Zinc melts at 800°F, whereas aluminum melts at 1200°F; so if you make a part out of aluminum, recycle it, and melt it down again, there’s an 800° difference between making and recycling the same part in zinc. Zinc is a natural part of the earth and an excellent casting material. It can be recycled infinitely without loss of properties and quality. Over 90% of collected zinc products are recycled.

The circle shown below is a 30 mile radius. 75% of all of Brillcast's suppliers are within 12 miles. Our die cast company is proud to support local businesses.

Brillcast Supplier Radius
Brillcast Map Legend
Injection Molding (8 Miles)
Sheet Metal Fabrication (7 Miles)
CNC Machining (6 Miles)
Powder Coating (10 Miles)
Vacuum Forming (26 Miles)
Chrome Plating (11 Miles)
Tool & Die (6 Miles)
Furniture Components (14 Miles)
Thermo Forming (12 Miles)
Aluminum Extrusions (< 1 Mile)
Wet Coat Paint (4 Miles)
Metal Fabrication (6 Miles)
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