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Commitment To Our Zinc Die Cast Manufacturer & Engineering Team

The key to our position in the marketplace is Brillcast's continued commitment to hiring the best people in their field and then giving them the education, training and technology necessary to succeed at their profession. In conjunction with local universities, a comprehensive certification program has been implemented for zic die cast manufacturer operators. Graduates can earn 35 college credit hours that may be applied towards an associate's degree. Brillcast operators spend 12 weeks working in the Process Engineering group to learn more about engineering technology.

This cross training experience gives them the opportunity to better understand their role in reducing variation in the die casting manufacturing process. The engineering co-op program has also proven to be an excellent source of new technical talent for Brillcast. At any given time, between two and four students are in the program. As part of their B.S. program, the students spend two years working in all major functions of the business, enabling them to contribute to the company's progress immediately upon graduation.

We value our employees and their education. Offering further education opportunities, especially to our engineering team, benefits both Brillcast and our employees, as well as our customers. When our employees know more, they are better prepared to solve problems in creative ways and with better understanding. We can offer customers solutions that we otherwise may not have thought of. Employee education is an important part of our company’s success as a zinc die cast manufacturer.

WHAT WE DO – Providing superior manufacturing of zinc die castings and exceptional customer service.

HOW WE DO IT – Through effective relationships with our stakeholders (employees, customers, suppliers, and banks) operational excellence with continual innovation and improvement.

WHY WE DO IT – To provide an environment where our team members are developed to become more effective at work, at home, and in their communities thereby improving their lifestyle and the lives they come in contact with.

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