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Responding to a Challenge - Brillcast is Your Zinc Die Casting Manufacturing Solution

Brillcast has a proven track record of responding to the manufacturing challenges of both existing and new customers. Brillcast leads the industry as an innovator in decorative and functional zinc die casting.

Short Lead-Time
A major OEM door hardware manufacturer was due to introduce a new lock assembly when durability issues arose. Commitments made to their customers would not allow the introduction date to be delayed. The solution identified was the addition of a zinc die casting. Brillcast was able to respond by building tools and producing zinc die casting components within ten days! We pride ourselves on being capable of responding to our customers' challenges.

Redesign an Existing Program
The gaming/leisure market is expanding at an unprecedented rate. To take advantage of this growth opportunity, a large participant in this industry was looking for ways to redesign their product that would differentiate them from their competitors. One of the keys was to give the product a distinctive appearance. Current offerings in this market segment are produced from sheet metal assemblies. Decorative zinc die casting gave this design team the ability to use shapes, textures and finishes which differentiated their product from their competitors. Brillcast engineers worked with the design team from the conceptual stage through zinc die casting prototypes and into production. This resulted in a product that has exceeded the customers five year sales expectation in the first year!

Supplier Issues
A major automotive OEM had their supplier go out of business leaving them without a significant component for their new car launch. We were able to transfer existing tooling, adjust processes after zinc die casting, and get them into production with a better product, improving the bottom line. An OEM with their own zinc die casting capabilities realized that their operations were no longer efficient and didn't fit their core competencies going forward. We worked with them to develop and implement a seamless transition of over 60 tools into our facilities along with helping them liquidate their capital equipment.

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