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The highest qualty zinc die casting in the business!Brillcast is committed to meeting our Customer's expectations by providing zinc diecast products and assemblies to their specifications and doing it "Right the First Time". We are proud to say that our Quality Management systems are constantly improving and becoming more flexible so that we can better meet our customers’ needs.

In the late Spring of 2013, Brillcast received its ISO/TS 16949 certification, which means that our management processes are approved and conform to the requirements of the ISO/TS 16949:2009 standard. Our organization regularly undergoes audits to ensure that our management systems conform to the requirements of ISO/TS 16949 and achieve our policy objectives.

The requirements of ISO/TS 16949 hold Brillcast to a higher standard of quality and customer satisfaction. Holding to the standards of ISO/TS 16949 ensures that Brillcast achieves higher quality by developing highly standardized processes. The main objective is to better meet customer’s needs while continuously striving to improve existing systems.

“Gary and I were very impressed with your facility. We felt passion and pride from all levels of your organization (CEO to die cast operator) in regards to continuous improvement and employee recognition and involvement. We look forward to working with you in future endeavors with our company.”
-Brillcast Customer

Almost all areas of our business are affected by this quality management system: marketing, design, purchasing, production, service, warehousing, etc. The only area that is not taken under the quality management system is finance. This is all in pursuit of becoming a better organization which provides a superior service and positive experience to our customers.

Brillcast utilizes a 3 dimensional scanner to quickly compare large, dimensionally critical parts to the original CAD data. Brillcast has a full metrology lab allowing for complete metal analysis, cycle testing, corrosion resistance and much more. We also have full CMM capabilities.

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We have armed our team with many state of the art tools highlighted by:

  • Intertek ISO/TS Certificate & Logo We use MQ-1 for APQP and Project Management
    We have 2 coordinate measurement machines
    Metallographic laboratory
    Salt fog corrosion chamber
    QUV test chamber
    Falling sand abrader
    ISO/TS 16949:2009 Certification

If you have any questions about our Quality Management processes, please visit our Contact Us page and submit your question in the Questions Box.

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